Do you want to rent a private house on the island Fårö, off the northen tip of Gotland?

Gotland is Sweden’s largest island, located about 90 km from the Swedish mainland in the centre of the Baltic Sea. The island has an area of about 3,450 square kilometers and the population is about 58,000.

The island can boast Sweden’s highest sunshine record and is certainly well worth a visit, not least because of its great natural and cultural interest, as well as its history which goes back many thousand of years. There are over 100 medieval churches around the island, as well as thousands of remains from the Stone Age and the Viking era. There are giant "raukar" limestone formations along the coastline, delightful long sandy beaches, high cliffs, beautiful flower meadows and much more. The nature is spectacular and if you have been here once, you always like to return.

How to get here

We rent out two of our houses, situated in the central part of Sudersand on Fårö.

Fårö is a small island in the northern part of Gotland. It is a 1-1½ hour drive from Visby to Fårö. Drive for about 45 minutes to Fårösund (56 km) where you take a ferry (free of charge) to Fårö. The ferry only takes 6 minutes and goes frequently every 30 minutes. When you arrive in Fårö it is a 10 minute drive to Sudersand.

Once you are here

From the houses it is only a 7 minute walk to Gotland’s best and longest beach.

You can find restaurants and shops within walking distance. You can explore the landscape and discover quiet areas with few people, watch birds in their natural habitats and walk amongst the woodland. There are 7 beaches in total and some you may find you have all to yourself! You can rent one or both of the houses, which are close to each other.

Due to allergy in our family we can not rent out to people with pets.

If you are interested pls mail or call

Lennart Thulin: lennart@thulins.eu

Tel: +46 705 106 106.

To see available weeks 2023 and prices, please look at the first page in Swedish.

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